While staying at gorilla solution lodge, travelers are able to take part in different activities both within and outside volcanoes national park. The quick links from the lodge to all tourism sites help you to take part in various activities in Rwanda. Some activities are done within the volcanoes national park where as others done outside the national park.
Among the activities done within the volcanoes national park include:

Mountain gorilla trekking

The national park is a home to the highest population of mountain gorillas in the virunga conservation area. Presently, the park shelters 10 gorilla families, which have been habituated for trekking. It takes a very short drive from the lodge (gorilla solution lodge to the park headquarters for briefing before trekking hence making it the best.

Golden monkey trekking

golden monkey trekking
This is yet another interesting activity done in the volcanoes national park. The procedures for trekking the monkeys are the same as mountain gorillas. The lodge provides packed lunch for travelers.

Volcano climbing

Mt Muhavura
Further more, volcanoes national park houses three extinct volcanoes all hiked to the summit on a single day. These volcanoes are Mt Sabinyo, Mt Bisoke and Mt Karisimbi all available for the hikers. The lodges provide packed lunch to travelers who are going for hiking and trekking.

Dian fossey hike

Dian Foseey-tombstone
While staying at gorilla solution lodge, travelers also take part in hiking the Dian fossey graveyard. She was an American primatologist who dedicated her life to save the endangered mountain gorillas and promote gorilla tourism in the region. From the hike, travelers rest and have meals at gorilla solution lodge.

Still at gorilla solution lodge, various activities can be dome outside the volcanoes national park. These include excursion to the Twin lakes, bird watching, local community visits, village walks, Cave Explorations and Musanze Market tour. All these can be done while staying and getting all services from gorilla solution lodge.